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Application Development & Maintenance

We think that the businesses focus on mere automation of the current business process by just deploying latest software solutions would find it difficult to sustain in log run.

Enterprises need a futuristic strategy and a holistic approach towards IT systems deployment today. Companies should look at optimized performance, better user experience, faster adoption and lower spend on maintenance.

We follow our Global Delivery Excellence model based on proven software engineering quality framework like CMMi and ISO and use proven methodologies and global best practices.

Our center of excellence ensures the quality by comprehensive verification and validation process and assesses and mitigates the risks at every stage of the project life cycle.

Metricspace application development and maintenance services help enterprises to:

  • Transform their Business Systems to deal with ever growing business and technology challenges.
  • Design, build and deploy IT Systems and software applications tailed to meet their business requirements.
  • Deliver cost effective application maintenance solutions to improve ROI from their IT systems deployed

Mobile Technology

At Metricspace we believe that mobility will be one of the key business drivers for the enterprises in the future.

Mobile devices and technology has transformed the way companies do business.

Mobility has been evolved as one of the critical technology invasions that businesses cannot ignore anymore. While enterprises do invest aggressively in sustaining technologies to maintain the momentum of progress and retain their customers today, they tend to overlook the disruptive technological innovations like mobility that the customers of tomorrow demand.

Many of the companies are yet to realize and unleash the vast opportunities in adopting mobility to follow their customers ‘everywhere, all the time’ instead of merely reaching their customers ‘anywhere, anytime’ and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Metricspace helps businesses and organizations to:

  • Develop mobility strategies and new mobile enabled business models
  • Business process reengineering for mobility adoption
  • Mobile enabling of the current enterprise solutions and services
  • Design and implement mobile solutions to deliver enterprise data to customer mobile devices
  • Transform the ways employees work on the go and further enhance the productivity